There is a personal-hygiene tag, for yourself, but I recently asked a question about other people and there was no hygiene tag.

Could we possibly get a hygiene tag?

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should work for anyone's hygiene, not just your own. If it relates to the hygiene of a person (as opposed to any other thing), then it's personal hygiene. If you look at the questions tagged with , even excluding yours, there are several that relate to other people.

How can I politely tell someone that they should take a shower?

How to deal with someone accidentally spitting in my food while dining out

So, I think the use is already what you wish it to be.

I see no need for a second tag at this point.

  • I agree. Examples of hygiene that are not personal hygiene: sterilizing surgical tools, cleaning your shower, or storing refrigerated food at the proper temperature. Jul 3, 2017 at 20:41

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