This is the question: Was it inappropriate for me to wear a qipao as a formal dress?

It was closed originally as off-topic, but got reopened after an edit which replaced "is this cultural appropriation" with "was this inappropriate / rude".

According to the help center (which is also explained in this meta question), those types of questions are off-topic:

This includes questions that:

  • ask us to adjudicate “right” and “wrong” in a situation or whether something is rude/racist/sexist/[insert other discriminatory terms]. If you are having a dispute with your spouse or coworker, we are not going to settle the dispute for you or give you points to argue. Focus your question on resolving your issue, rather than whether there is an issue or not.

(emphasis added)

In this question there is no indication that OP actually had an issue due to wearing the dress, so the only goal I can make out is validation.

Is there something I'm missing that makes this on topic? Why was this question reopened?

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    It has since been re-closed – Jesse May 3 '18 at 2:40

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