Since we've determined that "What should I do?" questions are off-topic, it seems like instead of trying to focus on a specific interpersonal skill, people just reword their question so that it is technically fitting. For instance, renaming questions like "What do I tell X when Y happens?" get renamed to "How do I tell X about Z when Y happens?". I personally see no distinction between the two, and it just seems like a quick way to get someone to tell you what to do, while disguising it as a "how to do".

While questions like "How do I communicate X in a Y environment" or "How do I approach X about Y tactfully" can be on-topic, often times the level of specificity suggests that some people just want some "ideas" for them to get about a problem, instead of focusing on an interpersonal skill or a problem that might help other users.

What is our stance on it? Is it alright to just replace "What" with "How" in a question that was originally opinion-based?

I didn't link any specific example because I felt there was no need for name-calling or something similar, but if needed I can provide some

  • I don't mean to seem hostile by VTC on meta :) but I think that's discussing the same issue you're bringing up here?
    – Em C
    May 23, 2018 at 13:52
  • Fair enough. I couldn't find it because the wording there was "Should I" instead of "What do I". My bad for not being more thorough with my search before posting May 23, 2018 at 13:55


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