It's often a bit difficult to know what tag to use in a question, especially on a site like IPS.

So, what are the important information, in questions related to interpersonal interaction, that should be shown in tags?


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When writing/editing a question, here is what I consider to be the relevant information that should be in the tags:

  1. First, the what: what do the OP wants to communicate? What are they trying to say? The answer can be "saying-no", "boundaries", "apologies" etc...

    In the what, I'm also looking for the in what way: do OP wants to be polite? Avoid conflict?

  1. Second, the who: who is OP trying to communicate with? Is it friends? Family? Stranger?

  1. Third (and if it's important), the where: where is this communication happening? Online? In public transportation? In a specific country?

    In this where, I'm looking for everything that makes the setting special. Like, if this occurs during a long-time conflict, or if there is money, religion or gender involved. Anything that complexifies the situation and makes it more difficult to answer.

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