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Clarification on Subjective Answer Backup Requirements

We've now been formally enforcing "backup" for almost a year and a half (and discussing it for at least 2yrs). We've had some well written and well thought out answers on what's expected. However, one ...
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What do we expect from an answer on Interpersonal Skills?

We are trying our very best to remove low quality answers from our site. But there are no clear guidelines on what we, as a community, consider to be a good answer. So let's try and make a few ...
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What should be in our FAQ?

I'm thinking IPS needs a FAQ, because people keep coming to meta with the same questions. I feel IPS is different enough from most of the SE sites these people are used to, that we could use a FAQ to ...
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How can we encourage/enforce the backing up of answers?

There's already been a discussion about back-it-up rules and relevancy of answers a few times on this site. What should we do with answers that are not backed-up? Related Answers: Why your Pakistani ...
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Can we start enforcing the "back it up" policy?

We've had the "back it up" policy for almost a year now. It was one of the earlier things we seemed to think important for the quality of answers on the site. We've had more than a few discussions ...
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Can we have a new Post Notice for Moderators to use on answers that don't meet our "Back it up" rules?

The current post notices don't really meet the need for addressing the problems of answers that don't meet our "back it up" policy here. Having such a notice would make it much more likely that I'd ...
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Can Etiquette Questions Be Answered Consistently with Stack Standards?

[Originally posted here, but moved as being too tangential to the specific question] [This is similar to this question, but I'm not describing topicality of questions so much as the ability of ...
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Stop censoring Question and Answers

The context of this Question How do I respond to "if you had kids with a white girl, they’d look like [the guy next to me]"? is abundantly clear to an individual whom has experienced one or more ...
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How should we handle questions where it is suspected the OP is being abused?

First off I would like to say that I am aware that the stack exchange site has an official policy on posts that are suicidal or seeking professional help but I feel this may be slightly different. ...
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Where does manipulation tie into Interpersonal Theories and what to do about it?

Context In my recent question, there was a surprising number of users insinuating that because the question was about the use of an Interpersonal Theory, it was inherently manipulative. This is a ...
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Is "opinion-based" the right term and/or how necessary is it?

I've been struggling with this for a long time and I'm still not convinced I understand what is really the point of "opinion-based" as a reason to put a question on hold. I'm here to discuss this ...
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Why doesn't this site have a back it up rule?

I'm looking at the answers on this site. I've found that very few of them are supported by any sort of evidence. For example, in the question How to discourage missionaries?, the top voted answer ...
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What do we delete, and what not?

I had an interesting chat with @Catija yesterday. She stated: This is something I've argued with the Cooking mods for over a year. If an answer has even a whiff of an actual answer, they decline ...
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Are answers where the OP has no experience with a situation and is speculating worth upvoting?

The question Which pitfalls should I watch out for when meeting my half-brother who hasn't been aware of my existence for 25 years? is a really interesting question. It's interesting, it's about a ...
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Does 5 downvotes on a meta question equate to 5 close votes?

Why was this meta question which has 2 excellent and comprehensive answers closed? Against the evidence or experience requirement OP may be arguing against both evidence and experience, and many ...

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