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Let's start working on our help center "what to ask" text!

Within the next couple of weeks we are likely to have moderators who can edit the various parts of the site, including our "On Topic" page and our three custom "off topic" close ...
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Can we be more agressive in closing "Dear abby" questions?

IPS has been, and continues to be overrun with questions asking for advice on personal problems, not personal skills. This most recent example is all about trying to get his GF to believe that he ...
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Avoiding turning "should I" questions into XY problems

The community seems to have come to a consensus that "what should I do" questions are not a good fit here (rightly, I think). A common work-around for these questions is to change should I ...
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Should we add a stack-specific close reason for off topic "dear Abby" questions?

Dear Abby, I have a problem. I would like to flag or vote to close questions on that are off topic because they ask for advice on what to do instead of how to do it. Unfortunately, there's no ...
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Are we possibly a bit too trigger happy in our moderation?

I find it a bit worrisome seeing how much moderation takes over on IPS. My impression is that we are at a point where the close reasons are too far narrowed down. I understand that questions which ...
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How does "primarily opinion-based" apply to questions about interpersonal skills?

I just had a question closed as primarily opinion based. I don't understand what this means. There is no 'manual' or 'applied science' behind interpersonal skills so of course the answers will be ...
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Can we use custom close reasons more often for "off-topic" questions?

If you've been around for a bit, you have probably noticed that we close a lot of questions! Sometimes the default close reasons are fine, but we've also developed a few guidelines that can feel ...
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Where should I ask "What do I do?" questions?

I recently asked two questions in the format of "What do I do?", and they were both either closed or on hold, so it seems as if IPS is less for open-ended questions and more for specific answers to ...
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Why was this question closed after the OP edited the missing details?

Link to the question. I disagree with the closure of the question, but rather than arguing that point, I'm interested if there's something I'm missing that warrants this question to remain closed. ...
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Let's discuss this question with regard to our scope

I've voted to close How do I let someone I'm romantically interested in know I think we wouldn't work out because I am not straight? this morning, since in my opinion, it isn't fit for IPS SE ...
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If a question type is off topic then should it be used on the tour page?

The question: Are “what should I do” questions on topic here? On IPS. Over at, they have an off-topic close reason for "what to do" questions, because it attracts opinion-based ...
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What should we do about the example "unicorn" question in the tour page?

In the site tour page, there is an "example" question shown for the purposes of showcasing the Q&A model. On sites that haven't configured it or have no "eligible" questions to show there, it ...
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Reworking the help/on-topic page

A while back, we discussed How to encourage questions to actually focus on the 'interacting' part of Interpersonal Skills. My answer there proposed editing the help/on-topic page to be clearer, and ...
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Why do I get “on hold”?

I’m asking this question because, in this question which I posted, I have corrected myself. And of course, I have bulled only her, but not in front of her. Question: Why do I get “on hold messages”? ...
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Is "too broad" being confused with "too verbose" or "too vague"?

I would like to understand what “too broad” means on SE Interpersonal. The SE official ‘handbook’ states too broad - if your question could be answered by an entire book, or has many valid ...
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