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Interpersonal skills site & opening rules for subjectivity questions

I recently stumbled across our interpersonal skills site and asked a question that involves some opinions. One of our helpful members of that site helped modify my question so that it fits our ...
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What kinds of interpersonal skills questions aren't opinion based?

Like the title says. Trying to get a handle on what this site likes, but having a tough time making sense of it; e.g. the current top 6 don't seem not opinion-based, but I'm not sure what you all ...
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Are we possibly a bit too trigger happy in our moderation?

I find it a bit worrisome seeing how much moderation takes over on IPS. My impression is that we are at a point where the close reasons are too far narrowed down. I understand that questions which ...
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Is "opinion-based" the right term and/or how necessary is it?

I've been struggling with this for a long time and I'm still not convinced I understand what is really the point of "opinion-based" as a reason to put a question on hold. I'm here to discuss this ...
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Is it reasonable to demand unambiguous questions on such a debateably ambiguous topic as interpersonal skills? [closed]

Let me start off by saying that I'm relatively new to the interpersonal stackexchange. But coming from other exchanges, the amount of 'on hold' markers as well as the extreme downvoting is simply ...
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How does this site fit the SE model? [duplicate]

Let me preface this by noting that this is a question asked out of genuine curiosity and confusion and is not meant as an attack on this site. Given the nature of the question, it can easily be taken ...
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Voting based on opinion boils down to: Use your downvotes whenever you encounter an egregiously sloppy, no-effort-expended post, or an answer that is ...
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Arbitrary deliniation between opinion/fact-based as a means of censorship [closed]

Is this site, essentially, a centre for primarily opinion-based questions? The conclusion of this question is that this site will be more opinion-based than other StackExchange sites due to the ...
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Globalisation and intersubjective communication

We live in a global society and it seems the proverb 'when in Rome' applies less and less. International organisations (be it a software company or automobile manufacturers) put in a great effort to ...
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Related Answers: Why your Pakistani answer won't always work for India

n.b. I'm creating this post as a guide and canonical reference for why an answer to a question that lists a different culture may not always be appropriate and acceptable. As you may already have ...
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"Just the facts, ma'am." OR Reining in answers

Should we hold answers to just the question asked? We have many questions here that we endeavor to limit so that the question isn't overly broad. We encourage users to address where they are in the ...
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Interpersonal issues with solutions that are culturally or regionally different?

How do we address general questions, or questions about behavior, that are highly dependant on the region or culture that they take place in? A new question asks about a student teacher conflict, ...
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Why doesn't this site have a back it up rule?

I'm looking at the answers on this site. I've found that very few of them are supported by any sort of evidence. For example, in the question How to discourage missionaries?, the top voted answer ...
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Should we encourage writing from experience?

I haven't answered many questions here because I've decided to stick to dealing with situations where I've experienced something similar or identical. My rationale for doing so is that answers on ...
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Do we want references in our answers?

This is the sort of site that could well lend itself to using personal experience to answer questions. Is it ok to use personal experience? Do we want people to cite authoritative sources in their ...
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