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How do I write a good answer?

The requirements for answers on IPS may be a bit different from what you're used to. We can't simply run your answer through a compiler and see if it compiles and works. But here's some stuff you can ...
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is this a site that wants to exclude people?

I recently answered a query - my first - on this site and was helped by someone who explained that my answer was "down-voted" because it did not answer the specific query. I thanked the person and ...
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What should be in our FAQ?

I'm thinking IPS needs a FAQ, because people keep coming to meta with the same questions. I feel IPS is different enough from most of the SE sites these people are used to, that we could use a FAQ to ...
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Should we be more strict about one-line answers?

There have been a lot of one or two line answers (very brief) on the main site. Most of them, almost all of them IMO, only suggest one or two things to do and never explain why they would work. Though,...
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What to do with questions about "getting around" peoples' boundaries / autonomy

Sparked by this question: Since it's a well known faux pas to ask, I'd like to find a ...
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What do we expect from an answer on Interpersonal Skills?

We are trying our very best to remove low quality answers from our site. But there are no clear guidelines on what we, as a community, consider to be a good answer. So let's try and make a few ...
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Questions about how to respond to illegal activity

These questions don't seem like they are a good fit for the site, as the only valid answer is to call the authorities. There are no interpersonal skills involved in that. Should they be closed as ...
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Can answers be off topic? - How to deal with answers that address legal issues

We have had a couple of questions that ask about ways to deal with interactions with others. These questions are perfectly on topic here because they are asking about interpersonal issues. Sometimes, ...
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Why was another one of my answers deleted?

I answered the following answer to How can I ask an unfamiliar coworker to eat more quietly? Explaining to the asker that what he wants is not possible is perfectly fine on SE Is "Don't do ...
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Question 15411 had a high rated answer disappear - how do I determine why this happened?

Yesterday Question 15411 had a fairly highly rated answer that I thought was the best answer. There was a "please back this up" comment on that answer. Today that answer is completely gone. Is ...
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How to encourage questions to actually focus on the 'interacting' part of Interpersonal Skills?

Arthur summarized most of the problem very well in chat: We give people plaintext area to speak about their problems, so they just fill with what matters to them and not what's a good question. I ...
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Why did my answer get deleted?

I've answered a question, but my answer was later deleted--it even had some upvotes! Why did this happen? What can I do?
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When should one recommend deletion for a Low Quality Post in the queue?

When I first got enough reputation to review the queue, I had no idea how to use my new "powers". I had the hardest time understanding when I should "Recommend Deletion" for the &...
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What do we delete, and what not?

I had an interesting chat with @Catija yesterday. She stated: This is something I've argued with the Cooking mods for over a year. If an answer has even a whiff of an actual answer, they decline ...
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What counts as an "Interpersonal Solution?"

I can't seem to find a solid definition of an "Interpersonal Solution" anywhere on the site (if I'm wrong, please drop a comment!). I've seen complaints that we delete everything except answers ...
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