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Where do we draw a line for 'needs professional help'?

So, in the past, we voted to close How to help my girlfriend get her confidence back? as 'needing professional help'. My stance on that question was that it needed to be closed as 'needs professional ...
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Should we allow answers to make potential diagnoses?

I have a lot of experience - several years professionally - with mental illness and drug addiction. Twice (that I can recall), I have made potential diagnoses in my answers regarding people the OP is ...
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Let's start working on our help center "what to ask" text!

Within the next couple of weeks we are likely to have moderators who can edit the various parts of the site, including our "On Topic" page and our three custom "off topic" close ...
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Have we decided to adopt 'requires professional help' as a new, custom close reason, and how should the close message be worded?

We have been getting a small but significant number of questions where one or more of the people in the stated situation need professional help. The IPS.SE community apparently had come to a consensus ...
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I want to ask a question, but I want to protect people

I want to ask a question on this site about something that a close friend is claiming happened to them. This something was probably illegal, and they want to protect the perpetrator of the crime (for ...
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Should we send [depression] and [suicide] to trained professionals?

As per Should we allow questions on dealing with depressed/suicidal friends/colleagues? All(?) question regarding depressed/suicidal should be closed as off-topic. At the present, depression has 3 ...
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Comment explaining a downvote deleted

First of all, sorry if this is the wrong way or the wrong place to ask this question, but I'd really like to know the reason for this action, and I thought this was the best way to get it. I posted ...
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How to handle ips questions by people with "mental disorder"?

When i read this question, I realized this sensitive scenario. The asker says he has some kind of autism (just used as an example here). Under normal circumstances I would post an answer, but to be ...
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Why was meta question 2469 undeleted?

So, the community has always been told by moderators to not hesitate to delete stuff that was 'blatantly off-topic'. Does this only go for main, or meta too? We had a user go on a very rude spree ...
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How should we address chameleon questions on this site?

I've run into a minor irritation here lately where someone posts a question, and I post an answer that seems to answer the original question pretty well and receives upvotes and generally positive ...
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How should we respond to questions where the OP needs professional help?

Some of the questions that have been asked here show that the OP would benefit from professional help. In some cases the questions are unspecific while in others, it's clear from reading the question ...
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Should we edit to make a question on-topic if we believe the author won't care/won't come back?

This meta is not exclusively about this example question, so I decided to post separate meta. Related meta : Let's discuss this question with regard to our scope. Let's establish how our ...
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What should we do when directly confronting a person isn't a reliable interpersonal solution?

I posted this answer. which was deleted for not having interpersonal stuff. It did have interpersonal stuff, but part of the thrust was that when people intend to blackmail people, the professional ...
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