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Clarification on Subjective Answer Backup Requirements

We've now been formally enforcing "backup" for almost a year and a half (and discussing it for at least 2yrs). We've had some well written and well thought out answers on what's expected. However, one ...
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What do we expect from an answer on Interpersonal Skills?

We are trying our very best to remove low quality answers from our site. But there are no clear guidelines on what we, as a community, consider to be a good answer. So let's try and make a few ...
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Can we let adequate explanation be an alternative to "Backing it up"?

There is plenty of current discussion on the back it up policy as we have started deleting answers that don't provide either personal experience or supporting research to back up their claims. While ...
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How can we encourage/enforce the backing up of answers?

There's already been a discussion about back-it-up rules and relevancy of answers a few times on this site. What should we do with answers that are not backed-up? Related Answers: Why your Pakistani ...
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Do we have a problem with people answering questions that they don't know the answer to?

It seems like we have users who tend to answer out of what they believe to be "common sense" and in some of our more general, everyday sort of questions some of these even sound like reasonable ...
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Can we ask for someones POV if we're also asking about an interpersonal skill?

I recently asked this question Politely rejecting unwanted attention at a nightclub, which I do believe was IPS related, and I've received some great answers. However, I also wanted to ask guys what ...
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Where does manipulation tie into Interpersonal Theories and what to do about it?

Context In my recent question, there was a surprising number of users insinuating that because the question was about the use of an Interpersonal Theory, it was inherently manipulative. This is a ...
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How much due diligence should be used before saying "You can't"? [duplicate]

Quite often I see an answerer open with "You don't" or "You can't" or some other abject contradiction of the asker's question. Sometimes that is an alliterative style which quickly turns into a real ...
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What do we delete, and what not?

I had an interesting chat with @Catija yesterday. She stated: This is something I've argued with the Cooking mods for over a year. If an answer has even a whiff of an actual answer, they decline ...
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Are answers where the OP has no experience with a situation and is speculating worth upvoting?

The question Which pitfalls should I watch out for when meeting my half-brother who hasn't been aware of my existence for 25 years? is a really interesting question. It's interesting, it's about a ...
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Let's start working on our help center "what to ask" text!

Within the next couple of weeks we are likely to have moderators who can edit the various parts of the site, including our "On Topic" page and our three custom "off topic" close ...
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Is there a reason why "Thanks" is such an issue?

I've read a lot of questions in which users have an issue with saying "Thanks" without having something significant to thank for. I see often "What am I saying thanks for?" or "They didn't help me, is ...
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Should comments be transient?

Looking at this answer to a question about an embarrassing scenario: . If it's relevant, I wrote the answer. The answer intends to give advice ...
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Should we step up our voting culture?

I've noticed more than a few questionable answers lately, most have received the typical "welcome to the site, but..." sort of comments, but it doesn't look like these comments are accompanied by ...
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Are mere experiences allowed as answers?

I answered a question today, which was a mere experience, related to the problem, but not exactly a specific answer... Is that really allowed, or does each post need to have a proper, specific answer ...

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