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Reworking the help/on-topic page

A while back, we discussed How to encourage questions to actually focus on the 'interacting' part of Interpersonal Skills. My answer there proposed editing the help/on-topic page to be clearer, and ...
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How to encourage questions to actually focus on the 'interacting' part of Interpersonal Skills?

Arthur summarized most of the problem very well in chat: We give people plaintext area to speak about their problems, so they just fill with what matters to them and not what's a good question. I ...
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It is time to expand

I feel that it is now time to expand the site's scope to cater to the audience's needs. Too often now, users come here asking (a) for relationship advice, (b) how to phrase their ideas, (c) how ...
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Can we be more agressive in closing "Dear abby" questions?

IPS has been, and continues to be overrun with questions asking for advice on personal problems, not personal skills. This most recent example is all about trying to get his GF to believe that he ...
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UPDATED: COMPLETED "On Topic" help page contents are live

Taking into consideration the notes left in answers below, the help page has been updated. Feel free to leave any commentary on the text. This site really needs content for the help center's "On ...
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Why did my answer get bad ratings?

It's about my answer to this question with currently -4 Score. How can I ask my parents to stop calling me when I'm out or ask me where I'm going? I can and maybe will delete it but I would ...
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Is it time to start deleting bad questions?

There are approximately 20 users in this community who have the ability to delete bad questions (questions with a net negative score.) I think (not certain) I might be the only one casting delete ...
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To what extent should subcultures be on-topic?

Existing Meta posts (e.g. "queer culture" in this answer) discuss the possibility of asking questions about subcultures, but I don't see any specific guidance on whether all subcultures are on-topic ...
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Let's start working on our help center "what to ask" text!

Within the next couple of weeks we are likely to have moderators who can edit the various parts of the site, including our "On Topic" page and our three custom "off topic" close ...
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What to do with this question? To edit or not to edit?

With regard to the whole dicussion about what we allow here and what not: What do we do with questions like this? Magisch already suggested an improvement in the comments. I'm personally thinking ...
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How should we edit questions that are an XY problem?

^ That... is a joke. I'm making a point and trying to give an example of this type of question. My real question is: What should we do (if anything) about questions that suffer from the XY problem? ...