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Should we tag our questions by (cultural) region?

Some interpersonal skills are universal, but others are very much cultural dependent. Therefore, there may be a case to tag questions by region. Where that is not enough, by anything else that ...
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Would it be appropriate to ask for answers from people with specific backgrounds?

Would it be appropriate for a querent to ask for answers from other users with similar backgrounds? Or to ask for answers from a specific set of users? Like: I would prefer answers from a woman/man's ...
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Is this site, essentially, a centre for primarily opinion-based questions?

Please, do not take me wrong. I am truly curious about this, and by no mean I am implying that this site should not exist or that it is less valid or useful or etc. I am a user in many other sites, ...
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Related Answers: Why your Pakistani answer won't always work for India

n.b. I'm creating this post as a guide and canonical reference for why an answer to a question that lists a different culture may not always be appropriate and acceptable. As you may already have ...
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Against the evidence or experience requirement [closed]

This post aims to argue for the following belief: That imposing an evidence or experience requirement is harmful (epistemic status: uncertain) a) An evidence or experience requirement will not ...
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What should we do about answers based on the 'wrong' culture?

This site has already had a lot of discussion about clarifying cultural context in questions. I haven't been following meta well enough to link to all the relevant discussions, but here's one early ...
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Are long answers part of the culture here?

As a new user on this site, drawn in by a post on ELU meta, I am surprised to find so many very long answers. This Q is related to "Just the facts, ma'am." OR Reining in answers, but is ...
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Is "too broad" being confused with "too verbose" or "too vague"?

I would like to understand what “too broad” means on SE Interpersonal. The SE official ‘handbook’ states too broad - if your question could be answered by an entire book, or has many valid ...
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How do we deal with cultural differences? [duplicate]

The answers to many questions on this site will depend on the specific culture in which the OP lives. The norms of interpersonal contact vary a lot from one culture to another. (I realised this when I ...
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Globalisation and intersubjective communication

We live in a global society and it seems the proverb 'when in Rome' applies less and less. International organisations (be it a software company or automobile manufacturers) put in a great effort to ...
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