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Is it ok to ask questions about issues on Stack Exchange? If so, where do we draw the line?

This question has been asked: How can i deal with someone obsessed with me on a website? There is a comment: Are you talking about Stack Exchange or some other site? If you're talking about SE ...
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Should we tag our questions by (cultural) region?

Some interpersonal skills are universal, but others are very much cultural dependent. Therefore, there may be a case to tag questions by region. Where that is not enough, by anything else that ...
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Differentiating on and off topic - How?

Yesterday, Shog9 laid down some ground rules in chat for what definitely isn't on topic on this site (source), namely: It is, most emphatically, NOT a site chartered to discuss any of the ...
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Is asking about appropriate dress for a situation on-topic here?

There's already a question about whether wearing white at a wedding is only taboo in the US, that is not closed, but is this true generally?
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Are hypothetical questions welcome?

Usually, Stack Exchanges deal with "questions about an actual problem you have faced." However, I can see Interpersonal Skills being well-suited to questions that: Deal with a situation you think may ...
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Would the scope of "Interpersonal Skills" include Pickup?

Pickup - in the sense I am using the word here - refers to the pursuit and application of interpersonal skills with the goal of increasing the length, number, or perceived quality of one's romantic ...
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Should we encourage people to just ask questions on main rather than asking about topicality on Meta?

It's drummed into anyone on Stack Exchange if you've been here long enough. Something along the lines of: If you've never used a site before, check the site's scope on the help page and ask on meta ...
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Do we want theory questions here? What kind?

This question was closed for being too broad: How to be accountable for your actions but not responsible for others' needs? I tried to constrain it to be about a very specific dilemma concerning ...
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Why was my answer deleted last night?

Why was my answer to this question deleted? How do I effectively get people to look past my age when considering my abilities, if they know how old I am? My answer is below, for reference. I ...
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Why was question 9645 closed as off topic? ("Why does a man pay for the first date with a woman?")

The question Why does a man pay for the first date with a woman? was closed as off-topic. First I will quote the latest meta post about the contents of the "On Topic" help pages: Questions about ...
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What are the things I can ask in IPS? [duplicate]

I’m asking this question because, I have plenty of questions, such as: How do I know if he did… It is possible to gain the skill to get whatever you want from others, no matter who he or she is? And ...
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