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is this a site that wants to exclude people?

I recently answered a query - my first - on this site and was helped by someone who explained that my answer was "down-voted" because it did not answer the specific query. I thanked the person and ...
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Everybody understands the answer - but moderators complain - why?

Today I answered this questions: How to establish boundaries with a roommate without confrontation? Until now, 9 hours later, 28 people up-voted my answer. This tells me that at least 28 people ...
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Let's talk with X about Y so we can achieve Z

I rummaged through our questions from last week and noticed they most all fit into certain categories: How to talk to X about Y, so I achieve Z? How to ask a friend to do professional work? How to ...
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Knee jerk reaction to seeing a high rep user answering a low quality question

Did we handle the guy who's dating multiple chicks (*) and seeing a girl whom he considers a 2nd class citizen, and a sex toy, but didn't want to see on a Saturday night, question appropriately? How ...
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PSA: Please avoid writing duplicate answers

I recently asked a question - What should I do if I have a nosebleed in the middle of a meeting? This question received at least 11 answers (2 of which were deleted). I've read through all of the ...
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Could we benefit from the "Too many answers already" warning the workplace uses to prevent outright duplicate answers?

So currently many questions on IPS get lots and lots of answers, some of which are duplicated with others. This isn't necessarily bad, but I think we could use the same strategy (with modified ...
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We get a lot of answers here... should we implement some system changes that will encourage users to review existing answers before adding their own?

Recently it came to my attention that there are per-site configuration settings that allow us to create some extremely minor barriers to answering questions when more than n answers already exist. ...
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Should answers on closed questions be downvoted?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but a question of mine initially had several answers. Then some people aggressively downvoted the answers, apparently because they didn't like the ...
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Why was meta question 2469 undeleted?

So, the community has always been told by moderators to not hesitate to delete stuff that was 'blatantly off-topic'. Does this only go for main, or meta too? We had a user go on a very rude spree ...
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Should we edit to make a question on-topic if we believe the author won't care/won't come back?

This meta is not exclusively about this example question, so I decided to post separate meta. Related meta : Let's discuss this question with regard to our scope. Let's establish how our ...
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Is it time to start deleting bad questions?

There are approximately 20 users in this community who have the ability to delete bad questions (questions with a net negative score.) I think (not certain) I might be the only one casting delete ...
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