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To what extent do we respect the OP's request?

There has been a question rattling around in my mind since I started to participate actively on this site. After reading this question, I feel the need to bring it up in meta. I'm active on several ...
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What is the difference between not answering a question and posting a frame challenge?

What is a frame challenge? We require answers to adress the question. However, some questions may warrant answers questioning whether what the OP wants, really is the best choice. These answers are ...
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Templates for leaving comments

This thread is a list of useful comment templates for common situations on IPS. The full list of current templates can be found below. Please note that those comments are only to be used as template ...
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Is Stack Exchange a site for adults to respectfully and civilly work together as adults and peers to answer questions?

I thought Stack Exchange was a place where the users have input into how things work and are well respected as equals and peers. I am asking this question so that we can know unequivocally if that is ...
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Does this answer violate the "be nice" policy?

So I came across this answer today on a Hot Network Question. It was highly upvoted, which is why I'm raising this here instead of flagging. I may be off base and this may be my sensibilities speaking,...
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Why were comments pointing out potential bad advice in an answer deleted?

I know I commented on this answer earlier. Part of the answer is advice that I think is not good, so I left a comment saying as much. At least one other user had a concern with the same section of the ...
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No apologies and parting notes

I just received a message from a moderator that my answer, which received 112 up-votes and 11 down-votes was deleted. That was my personal straw which broke the camel's neck. How to establish ...
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Could we take measures to alleviate some of the exasperation from deleted comments? Should we?

I was reading the answers and comments in this question and I realised that maybe if in IPS the comment deletion was a tad different people would feel less bad about it. I have been using SE sites ...
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Comment explaining a downvote deleted

First of all, sorry if this is the wrong way or the wrong place to ask this question, but I'd really like to know the reason for this action, and I thought this was the best way to get it. I posted ...
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Do we have a problem with people answering questions that they don't know the answer to?

It seems like we have users who tend to answer out of what they believe to be "common sense" and in some of our more general, everyday sort of questions some of these even sound like reasonable ...
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How to tell whether comments have been deleted due to moderator action or user flagging

Recently on the question Politely refusing to validate veiled bigotry some of my comments suggesting that the question may be unanswerable and/or not asked in good faith, and should therefore be ...
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Some thoughts on the moderation of comments on this stack

I will later post my own opinion as answer, so this is to be viewed as a more or less neutral baseline for discussion - please comment / suggest edit if you have improvements I've been active on this ...
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Why would a moderator delete a comment to a question which requests down vote clarification?

Within the past day I posted a question regarding a personal experience of mine that I genuinely wanted advice on. Although I don’t mind getting tons of upvotes on questions, as an experienced Stack ...
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Why was comment deleted?

I had a comment pointing out a problem with this answer, which has not been addressed in any way - yet it was deleted. I can't remember the exact phrasing but it essentially said the same thing as ...
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Could/should we work this into our help center?

Catija said something in a comment yesterday that really struck me as something we could all stand to keep in mind: You don't have to vote on every question and answer posted here. When you ...
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