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How do you tell an answerer that you think their answer needs work?

Today I saw a weak, but well voted, answer. There were a number of viable, potential answers to the question. So this was not a "how do I drive drunk safely" impossible answer that must be ...
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This one weird trick gets rid of all off-topic comments. Let's use it!

This is a site that gets a lot of off-topic comments, comments that really are answers, chatty comments that should be posted in chat, etc. I frequently flag these comments, but it's like I'm fighting ...
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To what extent do we respect the OP's request?

There has been a question rattling around in my mind since I started to participate actively on this site. After reading this question, I feel the need to bring it up in meta. I'm active on several ...
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Why were comments pointing out potential bad advice in an answer deleted?

I know I commented on this answer earlier. Part of the answer is advice that I think is not good, so I left a comment saying as much. At least one other user had a concern with the same section of the ...
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Can we be allowed to leave supportive comments please?

It came up on the question How to deflect awkward questions when shopping for women's clothing as a man? but I've seen it repeatedly on this site. I'm a long-term Stack Exchange user and I ...
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Here a comment, there a comment, everywhere a comment - How many comments do we get, anway?

I want to talk about comments today. You may or may not be aware, but we get a few comments here. Even if you think we get a lot of comments, you may not be aware of how many... and I'm actually not, ...
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Should we encourage the use of stock comments on this site?

Each SE site, despite having the same guidelines, has a specific "culture" if you will, a community consensus usually reached in meta and implemented by users and moderators. The culture can aim to be ...
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Why were some comments removed?

I was looking on a specific question to see what the latest activity on it was, and I noticed that some comments (including some of my own) have been removed. Normally if comments are removed, a mod ...
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How do I know who deleted my comments?

I have posted a comment on a question. The comment was deleted twice. The first time I thought I forgot to press enter, I re-posted it. In less than 10 minutes it was deleted again, clearly not ...
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How to give advice to OP when comments are deleted and not moved to chat?

Summary Given that I think the point of my question has been lost with the specific example and the further clarifications I proceed to restate my question here in a clearer (hopefully) way: If an ...
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Should comments be transient?

Looking at this answer to a question about an embarrassing scenario: . If it's relevant, I wrote the answer. The answer intends to give advice ...
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How strict are we about relevance of comments?

There are a lot of comments on both questions and answers which are jokes, "attaboys", or wildly tangential. I love them. To me, they supply much of the charm and verve of the site. An example of ...
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How can we encourage/enforce the backing up of answers?

There's already been a discussion about back-it-up rules and relevancy of answers a few times on this site. What should we do with answers that are not backed-up? Related Answers: Why your Pakistani ...
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