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What should be in our FAQ?

I'm thinking IPS needs a FAQ, because people keep coming to meta with the same questions. I feel IPS is different enough from most of the SE sites these people are used to, that we could use a FAQ to ...
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Can we let adequate explanation be an alternative to "Backing it up"?

There is plenty of current discussion on the back it up policy as we have started deleting answers that don't provide either personal experience or supporting research to back up their claims. While ...
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Do we want references in our answers?

This is the sort of site that could well lend itself to using personal experience to answer questions. Is it ok to use personal experience? Do we want people to cite authoritative sources in their ...
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2019 Pro Tempore Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

The purpose of this thread was to collect the candidates' answers to 2019 Community Moderator Election questionnaire. The elections are now over, you may find the outcome here. In connection with our ...
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Old post, no valid answer, what to do with it?

You may be aware that IPS policy regarding answers - and more specifically, what does make them valid - has changed last year. We now expect answers to provide either literature citations - i.e. proof ...
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How to interpret voting status when a CM is involved?

In the meta question Can we let adequate explanation be an alternative to “Backing it up”?, Shogs answer explaining why we can't allow explanations as backups is now being outvoted by artofcodes ...
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Do we have a problem with people answering questions that they don't know the answer to?

It seems like we have users who tend to answer out of what they believe to be "common sense" and in some of our more general, everyday sort of questions some of these even sound like reasonable ...
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Should we encourage writing from experience?

I haven't answered many questions here because I've decided to stick to dealing with situations where I've experienced something similar or identical. My rationale for doing so is that answers on ...
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Related Answers: Why your Pakistani answer won't always work for India

n.b. I'm creating this post as a guide and canonical reference for why an answer to a question that lists a different culture may not always be appropriate and acceptable. As you may already have ...
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Against the evidence or experience requirement [closed]

This post aims to argue for the following belief: That imposing an evidence or experience requirement is harmful (epistemic status: uncertain) a) An evidence or experience requirement will not ...
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Tell me *Exactly* what is wrong with the Answer

Deleting my Answer was completely unjustified. My Answer is still not restored and no justification for it's deletion has been provided. Please update me on this situation before I escalate. I want ...
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I'm confused about the "back it up" policy

Recently, we've started enforcing a "back it up" policy. I agree with this. But I'm having trouble in the VLQ queue identifying what's a non-backed-up answer and what isn't. For example, I came ...
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Add history to citation expectations meta post

In the meta post What are the citation expectations of answers on IPS SE I noticed that the post was not as friendly as I would have liked in the perspective of new users, and I wanted to improve the ...
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How is the community doing at deleting answers flagged as Not an Answer?

We've spent the last few weeks talking about what it takes to make an answer that meets the site's guidelines for quality and I think that these discussions are valuable and will help us decide where ...
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What's the best way to deal with VLQ "answers" when you can't flag them appropriately?

This is about THIS question. If interpersonal skills are a way to deal with the issue (not even sure about that, though...), the problem lies with the "answers". How do you know an IPS question has ...
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