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What should be in our FAQ?

I'm thinking IPS needs a FAQ, because people keep coming to meta with the same questions. I feel IPS is different enough from most of the SE sites these people are used to, that we could use a FAQ to ...
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Is it ok to ask questions about issues on Stack Exchange? If so, where do we draw the line?

This question has been asked: How can i deal with someone obsessed with me on a website? There is a comment: Are you talking about Stack Exchange or some other site? If you're talking about SE ...
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Let's close questions asking how to word/phrase something

I've posted two different answers here now with this recommendation and both of them have a lot of upvotes. To repeat: I'd like to introduce a rule that I think we should consider. We are not here to ...
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What techniques could a shy person use to have a better outcome when asking questions on this SE?

For someone who is shy, interpersonal skills are always a big challenge. It's especially daunting, because there's always an intrapersonal aspect to it, which is generally much harder to overcome than ...
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What is the difference between a "convince" question and a good question?

In my experience with the stackexchange network, the format best supports questions that give a situation, actual behavior and desired behavior with the question being how to obtain desired behavior. ...
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Told to ask here: Should this Q stay on IPS or move elsewhere, i.e. Linguistics, Psychology, or another? & Why?

Here is the question I asked: Is there an existing concept for what I call "Verbal Cannonballs", which if avoided reduce conflict? I was specifically told by someone on Meta to ask about ...
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Why would a moderator delete a comment to a question which requests down vote clarification?

Within the past day I posted a question regarding a personal experience of mine that I genuinely wanted advice on. Although I don’t mind getting tons of upvotes on questions, as an experienced Stack ...
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How to fix? — How do I tactfully stop family, who runs a competitor store, from spying on our business? —

I'm so so sorry for badly writing How do I tactfully stop family, who runs a competitor store, from spying on our business?! Please don't suspend me! How can I rewrite my question to make it on-topic?...
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Why are so many new questions closed and are there plans to change this?

I have never posted a question on this site but I've seen it in the sidebar from time to time and from looking at some recent questions this site has, if one considers the last two dozen or so ...
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Can I ask this theory question?

I am being banned from asking question in 7 days, but I'm not sure if the ban can be lifted so I can ask the below question? Is there any research about silence in communication, especially in online ...
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Were My Posts Flagged/Reported?

I'm new to this stack exchange, and so far I've only asked 2 questions (neither being offensive). One got closed for being "off topic," and then I created a new post modifying it. (I've since learned ...
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Didn't Understand the reason behind Answer Delete

This Was my answer , Okay Everyone said and presented their views , I did that too ,Even my thing really worked for me as well as the problem was also faced by me so I just wrote what I did . Why ...
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Sandbox is now live!

You can find the Sandbox here. See our past discussions on the Sandbox here and here. Have a question that you want to fix up or not sure if it'll be a good fit here? Or looking to help nurture the ...
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Is asking for advice on contacting an old friend suitable for IPS?

I'm thinking about asking a question about an issue that I've had for a while now but I'm not sure if our users' would agree if it is an IPS problem or not. Can you let me know what you think and ...
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Can someone please explain what is wrong here and how can I fix it?

I asked this question. It got approved in the sandbox, but apparently it will be closed and downvoted on the main site. The only explanation I got is based on a fallacious interpretation of the ...
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