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Sandbox for Proposed Questions

What is the Sandbox? This "Sandbox" is a place where InterpersonalSkills.SE users can get feedback on prospective questions they wish to post. This is useful because writing a clear and ...
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Why did my answer get deleted?

I've answered a question, but my answer was later deleted--it even had some upvotes! Why did this happen? What can I do?
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Please don't write answers in comments

I've been noticing a trend lately of people writing answers in the comment section. What does this mean? When you write an attempt to solve the OPs question - whether it's a fully fleshed out idea or ...
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Should we allow answers to make potential diagnoses?

I have a lot of experience - several years professionally - with mental illness and drug addiction. Twice (that I can recall), I have made potential diagnoses in my answers regarding people the OP is ...
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What is the difference between not answering a question and posting a frame challenge?

What is a frame challenge? We require answers to adress the question. However, some questions may warrant answers questioning whether what the OP wants, really is the best choice. These answers are ...
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What is the IPS Comment Bot?

What is the "IPS Comment Bot?" Why is it posting in our site chat? What do the messages it posts mean? Can I interact with it? If it posted one of my comments, does that mean my comment was bad?
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List of Rules for Site

Am I missing something or is there no easily accessible list of rules for the site. It's frustrating as someone who is trying to help other people to have a well received answer be deleted and the ...
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Can we let adequate explanation be an alternative to "Backing it up"?

There is plenty of current discussion on the back it up policy as we have started deleting answers that don't provide either personal experience or supporting research to back up their claims. While ...
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Can we start enforcing the "back it up" policy?

We've had the "back it up" policy for almost a year now. It was one of the earlier things we seemed to think important for the quality of answers on the site. We've had more than a few discussions ...
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Is it rude to ask if it's rude to ask? - or: What to do with questions asking "Is it rude...?"

First of all, I myself have asked such a question already and I was responsible for this title (it was a "Should I...?" question before). The purpose of this post is to start another discussion about ...
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Are all etiquette questions on topic?

Our help center's What topics can I ask about? page specifically lists etiquette questions: the written and unwritten - but well-established and expected - rules or conventions of behavior in a ...
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What to do with answers that aren't related to interpersonal skills?

There are fourteen answers on this question: How to write a note that will convince an unknown person to not urinate next to my garage door? The "Question" part of the question states: If we were ...
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PSA: Please avoid writing duplicate answers

I recently asked a question - What should I do if I have a nosebleed in the middle of a meeting? This question received at least 11 answers (2 of which were deleted). I've read through all of the ...
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Do we want references in our answers?

This is the sort of site that could well lend itself to using personal experience to answer questions. Is it ok to use personal experience? Do we want people to cite authoritative sources in their ...