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How to encourage questions to actually focus on the 'interacting' part of Interpersonal Skills?

Arthur summarized most of the problem very well in chat: We give people plaintext area to speak about their problems, so they just fill with what matters to them and not what's a good question. I ...
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Templates for leaving comments

This thread is a list of useful comment templates for common situations on IPS. The full list of current templates can be found below. Please note that those comments are only to be used as template ...
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Checking in on dating / romantic relationship topic acceptability

With online dating becoming more popular in pandemic times, I've been doing a little myself. I have a question about communication in a specific potential relationship that has come up for me. It's ...
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Were My Posts Flagged/Reported?

I'm new to this stack exchange, and so far I've only asked 2 questions (neither being offensive). One got closed for being "off topic," and then I created a new post modifying it. (I've since learned ...
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Should we add the (red) faq tag?

Today, I spend almost 20 minutes looking for the meta post "How do I write a good answer?". Spoiler alert, the post that I clearly remember upvoting doesn't exist because this post was about questions ...
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FAQ for Interpersonal Skills

Asking questions What is the Sandbox? How do I use it? How do I write a good question? Are there any suggested question structures? Answering questions How do I write a good answer? What are the ...
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What to do about incomplete questions hitting HNQ?

Upon review of Coworker mumbles to herself when working, how to ask her to stop? This question was pinned as a potential duplicate of How can I ask someone in a quiet library to stop clearing their ...
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Are there any suggested question structures?

Is there a guideline I can follow for forming questions?
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Writing a featured sum-up post to help new users understand the site quickly

Well, most of you already know this, we're back on HNQ. Yay! I'm not good in writing SQL queries so I'm unfortunately not able to provide stats to support my claim but since we returned, I observed a ...
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Should we have a canonical meta post that better summarizes our "subjective" guidelines and points to alternative resources?

On this site, we get a lot of users who ask questions that are considered too subjective under our model (i.e. closed as "primarily opinion-based" or off-topic with the "what should I do" sub-reason, ...
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What techniques could a shy person use to have a better outcome when asking questions on this SE?

For someone who is shy, interpersonal skills are always a big challenge. It's especially daunting, because there's always an intrapersonal aspect to it, which is generally much harder to overcome than ...
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Can this post be reopened

I have a question about my Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange post: Why people are often mad at me with I having no idea why they're mad? I did additional edits. I know some people will be mad ...
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How many questions should we allow to hit HNQ?

Since SE changed the way HNQ works, we've been given the option to have IPS get back on it. Based on the discussion on that second link, it looks like the community here does want to get back on HNQ. ...
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Are We Striking a Good Balance Between Accomodating Askers and Accomodating Answerers?

We've had a few meta posts asking about how we treat questions and the users who ask them here, and those are good and valuable. But I feel that we might have an imbalance with our concern for those ...
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Can we ask questions that are based in a standardized environment?

Preface: I work at a hospital and am considering asking a question related to the environment. I understand the standards within very well, but Iā€™d like to see the consensus on acceptable scope. ...

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