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Templates for leaving comments

This thread is a list of useful comment templates for common situations on IPS. The full list of current templates can be found below. Please note that those comments are only to be used as template ...
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Should we tag our questions by (cultural) region?

Some interpersonal skills are universal, but others are very much cultural dependent. Therefore, there may be a case to tag questions by region. Where that is not enough, by anything else that ...
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Should we edit titles that are not sufficiently descriptive?

I recently made an edit to another meta question titled "How do I convince someone else to change their behavior". My edit was because the title seemed to not match the question, which seems to ...
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Coming to terms with "Frame Challenges" vs. "Respecting the Question"

I'm a little confused. Recently, it seems there's been a push to "respect the premise of the question" in answers. It's causing answers like this to be heavily downvoted and flagged with comments ...
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How many questions should we allow to hit HNQ?

Since SE changed the way HNQ works, we've been given the option to have IPS get back on it. Based on the discussion on that second link, it looks like the community here does want to get back on HNQ. ...
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What techniques could a shy person use to have a better outcome when asking questions on this SE?

For someone who is shy, interpersonal skills are always a big challenge. It's especially daunting, because there's always an intrapersonal aspect to it, which is generally much harder to overcome than ...
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Are we possibly a bit too trigger happy in our moderation?

I find it a bit worrisome seeing how much moderation takes over on IPS. My impression is that we are at a point where the close reasons are too far narrowed down. I understand that questions which ...
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How to encourage questions to actually focus on the 'interacting' part of Interpersonal Skills?

Arthur summarized most of the problem very well in chat: We give people plaintext area to speak about their problems, so they just fill with what matters to them and not what's a good question. I ...
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Are We Striking a Good Balance Between Accomodating Askers and Accomodating Answerers?

We've had a few meta posts asking about how we treat questions and the users who ask them here, and those are good and valuable. But I feel that we might have an imbalance with our concern for those ...
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Let's close questions that don't have a goal that we can address

Recently, I've noticed that this site has a lot of questions where the OP gives a long description of a situation that they're in, but when all's said and done they don't tell us exactly what they're ...
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Can this post be reopened

I have a question about my Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange post: Why people are often mad at me with I having no idea why they're mad? I did additional edits. I know some people will be mad ...
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Are questions that lack a location tag really too broad?

I would like to settle this issue once and for all... It seems to me that voting to close a question purely because it lacks a location tag is actively counter productive. When users think their ...
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Should we add the (red) faq tag?

Today, I spend almost 20 minutes looking for the meta post "How do I write a good answer?". Spoiler alert, the post that I clearly remember upvoting doesn't exist because this post was about questions ...
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Readers' Feedback on Accepted Answer

Question or answer readers may give their up-voting or down-voting without revealing their opinion. This rule is known to me. I have faced one experience. Here, I had discussed with OP for about half ...
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What kinds of interpersonal skills questions aren't opinion based?

Like the title says. Trying to get a handle on what this site likes, but having a tough time making sense of it; e.g. the current top 6 don't seem not opinion-based, but I'm not sure what you all ...
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