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Can we ask questions that are based in a standardized environment?

Preface: I work at a hospital and am considering asking a question related to the environment. I understand the standards within very well, but I’d like to see the consensus on acceptable scope. ...
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Should we add the (red) faq tag?

Today, I spend almost 20 minutes looking for the meta post "How do I write a good answer?". Spoiler alert, the post that I clearly remember upvoting doesn't exist because this post was about questions ...
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What constitutes a 'lack of research effort' on IPS?

This started with this question and a few of the comments there: How do you communicate efficiently with someone who is stuttering? One of our community members wrote a good answer to that question, ...
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Readers' Feedback on Accepted Answer

Question or answer readers may give their up-voting or down-voting without revealing their opinion. This rule is known to me. I have faced one experience. Here, I had discussed with OP for about half ...
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Should we have a canonical meta post that better summarizes our "subjective" guidelines and points to alternative resources?

On this site, we get a lot of users who ask questions that are considered too subjective under our model (i.e. closed as "primarily opinion-based" or off-topic with the "what should I do" sub-reason, ...
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Are We Striking a Good Balance Between Accomodating Askers and Accomodating Answerers?

We've had a few meta posts asking about how we treat questions and the users who ask them here, and those are good and valuable. But I feel that we might have an imbalance with our concern for those ...
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Are there any suggested question structures?

Is there a guideline I can follow for forming questions?
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What kinds of interpersonal skills questions aren't opinion based?

Like the title says. Trying to get a handle on what this site likes, but having a tough time making sense of it; e.g. the current top 6 don't seem not opinion-based, but I'm not sure what you all ...
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What to do about incomplete questions hitting HNQ?

Upon review of Coworker mumbles to herself when working, how to ask her to stop? This question was pinned as a potential duplicate of How can I ask someone in a quiet library to stop clearing their ...
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Checking in on dating / romantic relationship topic acceptability

With online dating becoming more popular in pandemic times, I've been doing a little myself. I have a question about communication in a specific potential relationship that has come up for me. It's ...
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Were My Posts Flagged/Reported?

I'm new to this stack exchange, and so far I've only asked 2 questions (neither being offensive). One got closed for being "off topic," and then I created a new post modifying it. (I've since learned ...
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How important is the phrasing/wording of the title question?

I've encountered many questions (some really good ones and thought-provoking and highly rated), where an attempt to answer them directly, without reading further, would just be a matter of someone's ...
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What are the things I can ask in IPS? [duplicate]

I’m asking this question because, I have plenty of questions, such as: How do I know if he did… It is possible to gain the skill to get whatever you want from others, no matter who he or she is? And ...
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Can this post be reopened

I have a question about my Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange post: Why people are often mad at me with I having no idea why they're mad? I did additional edits. I know some people will be mad ...
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FAQ for Interpersonal Skills

Asking questions What is the Sandbox? How do I use it? How do I write a good question? Are there any suggested question structures? Answering questions How do I write a good answer? What are the ...

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