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How do you tell an answerer that you think their answer needs work?

Today I saw a weak, but well voted, answer. There were a number of viable, potential answers to the question. So this was not a "how do I drive drunk safely" impossible answer that must be ...
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Please don't write answers in comments

I've been noticing a trend lately of people writing answers in the comment section. What does this mean? When you write an attempt to solve the OPs question - whether it's a fully fleshed out idea or ...
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To what extent do we respect the OP's request?

There has been a question rattling around in my mind since I started to participate actively on this site. After reading this question, I feel the need to bring it up in meta. I'm active on several ...
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How do I write a good answer?

The requirements for answers on IPS may be a bit different from what you're used to. We can't simply run your answer through a compiler and see if it compiles and works. But here's some stuff you can ...
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Should we be more strict about one-line answers?

There have been a lot of one or two line answers (very brief) on the main site. Most of them, almost all of them IMO, only suggest one or two things to do and never explain why they would work. Though,...
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How do I write a good question?

Writing a good subjective question about Interpersonal Skills has proven to be difficult, but here are some points you can keep in mind to help you: Have a question title that accurately and ...
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Should we add a stack-specific close reason for off topic "inTRApersonal" questions?

I find there are a lot of questions here that ask about inTRApersonal issues and are thus off-topic. As someone who votes to close off-topic questions, I think having a specific close reason for this ...
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Let's close questions asking how to word/phrase something

I've posted two different answers here now with this recommendation and both of them have a lot of upvotes. To repeat: I'd like to introduce a rule that I think we should consider. We are not here to ...
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Is it time to cut the canned comments?

There was a time when we'd get floods of answers from users unfamiliar with our site policy. Unable to spend a significant amount of time and effort on each of these posts, many of the IPS users began ...
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IPS' specific comment requirements & why comments can be useful

Some constructive feedback and observations from my visit here. TL;DR; Information being in comments that would make good answers can be detrimental to the site Information in comments are not ...
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What are the citation expectations of answers on IPS Stack Exchange?

As a Stack Exchange site, answers on Interpersonal Skills SE are expected to be cited and backed up, but what the expectations are exactly can be hard to find. So we've adapted an excellent post on ...
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Could we take measures to alleviate some of the exasperation from deleted comments? Should we?

I was reading the answers and comments in this question and I realised that maybe if in IPS the comment deletion was a tad different people would feel less bad about it. I have been using SE sites ...
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Please, let's stop with "from my experience" answers

Recently I've been seeing more and more answers starting with "from my experience" or which contain "I've been in a similar situation before/I've been in your shoes" and then don't say more about said ...
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Most Helpful Response to Intrapersonal (Problem the person has with themselves) Questions

I'm relatively new here (and so apologies if this is not a relevant discussion), but I've seen a lot of questions asked by users that pertain to Intrapersonal issues rather than Interpersonal issues. ...
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FAQ for Interpersonal Skills

Asking questions What is the Sandbox? How do I use it? How do I write a good question? Are there any suggested question structures? Answering questions How do I write a good answer? What are the ...

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