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How do we deal with cultural differences? [duplicate]

The answers to many questions on this site will depend on the specific culture in which the OP lives. The norms of interpersonal contact vary a lot from one culture to another. (I realised this when I ...
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How do I write a good question?

Writing a good subjective question about Interpersonal Skills has proven to be difficult, but here are some points you can keep in mind to help you: Have a question title that accurately and ...
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Would it be appropriate to ask for answers from people with specific backgrounds?

Would it be appropriate for a querent to ask for answers from other users with similar backgrounds? Or to ask for answers from a specific set of users? Like: I would prefer answers from a woman/man's ...
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UPDATED: COMPLETED "On Topic" help page contents are live

Taking into consideration the notes left in answers below, the help page has been updated. Feel free to leave any commentary on the text. This site really needs content for the help center's "On ...
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"Just the facts, ma'am." OR Reining in answers

Should we hold answers to just the question asked? We have many questions here that we endeavor to limit so that the question isn't overly broad. We encourage users to address where they are in the ...
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What should we do about answers based on the 'wrong' culture?

This site has already had a lot of discussion about clarifying cultural context in questions. I haven't been following meta well enough to link to all the relevant discussions, but here's one early ...
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Interpersonal issues with solutions that are culturally or regionally different?

How do we address general questions, or questions about behavior, that are highly dependant on the region or culture that they take place in? A new question asks about a student teacher conflict, ...
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Could this site make use of a FAQ?

Reading Tinkeringbell's answer here today I realised just how much guidance there already is on this meta on various topics like how to compose answers, how to back up your answers, when to flag and ...
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Should the same questions coming from different cultures be considered as duplicates?

As we all know, we have started to include culture/country in the questions asked on main site and ask others to do the same. Though, this is a good idea to get rid of answers that won't work in a ...
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To what extent should subcultures be on-topic?

Existing Meta posts (e.g. "queer culture" in this answer) discuss the possibility of asking questions about subcultures, but I don't see any specific guidance on whether all subcultures are on-topic ...
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Clarification on Subjective Answer Backup Requirements

We've now been formally enforcing "backup" for almost a year and a half (and discussing it for at least 2yrs). We've had some well written and well thought out answers on what's expected. However, one ...
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Can we close question 10333 (About licking spoons) until it is improved?

How do I tell someone that a cultural practice is unsanitary and they should stop? This was closed as too broad, as it initially mentioned three different situations. When I cast the last close-vote ...
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Why was this question about building a rapport with clients closed?

This question asking how to build a rapport with clients with whom the OP shares few (if any) common interests was closed as Too Broad. The help center states that on topic questions should be ...
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Why can a question be closed with only 2 votes?

This question: How do I react when a girl I like has a new haircut that I don't like very much? was closed with 2 votes to close. I was under the impression that there were more votes needed to ...
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How much should we be enforcing specific and regional questions?

As per this meta post, we should really be giving regional examples of our questions, however I'm seeing a large increase in open ended questions, where not only is the situation not really defined to ...
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