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Is Enforcement of Backup Requirement in Answers Consistently Enforced?

First of all, I want to say that this question is not driven by bitterness on my part, but I know it might come across that way. I had an answer deleted about 5 months ago because it wasn't supported ...
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Is this anwer wrong in the terms of back up policty?

So, I was under the understanding that our answers should be based on our experience; but, since no two people have the same experiences, our suggestions should be based on similar things we did or ...
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Please, let's stop with "from my experience" answers

Recently I've been seeing more and more answers starting with "from my experience" or which contain "I've been in a similar situation before/I've been in your shoes" and then don't say more about said ...
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Old post, no valid answer, what to do with it?

You may be aware that IPS policy regarding answers - and more specifically, what does make them valid - has changed last year. We now expect answers to provide either literature citations - i.e. proof ...
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Why was this video considered inappropriate for an answer? [closed] This answer was deleted, and a mod left the following comment: Hi there. Your post got flagged and automatically deleted because of ...
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2nd party supplying backup in an answer?

I recently edited another person's answer to supply backup. There had been a comment that the answer required backup, and that answer brought to ...
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How can I add backup for an "obvious" answer?

Here is a question about etiquette, and it has this answer How about simply asking them? If you're unsure if your behaviour will bother someone, a small question such as: Do you mind if ...
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Retagging old meta questions with [back-up]

The "backup," "back-up," or "back it up" policy has become a staple of our site. In addition, we've seen a lot of questions concerning it on our meta. That being said, there's no easy way to see ...
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Clarification on Subjective Answer Backup Requirements

We've now been formally enforcing "backup" for almost a year and a half (and discussing it for at least 2yrs). We've had some well written and well thought out answers on what's expected. However, one ...
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