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Understanding or clarifying the IPS scope toward a more welcoming message?

This question (as the title could summarize it) arose when I saw the 2 following questions. I interacted with either the OP or the person who answered. how to deal with an infuriating ex - below are ...
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Provocative Words, Specificity, and IPS.SE

It's a very minor case which prompted my writing this question, but it's one that is likely to come up in the future. I'm sure it's come up in the past as well, but I didn't see any existing threads ...
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We have a problem with the way we talk to OP

I wrote this almost two weeks ago. I wanted to be sure I wouldn't say something I will later regret and I also wanted to let my feeling calm down. TL;DR Just read the part about "So, where am I ...
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Can we prohibit the use of the words "homophobic" and "transphobic"?

Just as we expect our members to not suggest someone has a mental disorder for merely believing LGBT issues are not a lifestyle choice (innate), it's also expected that we not suggest members have a ...
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Can we improve upon the Be Nice policy here as a model for the rest of SE? [closed]

Premise: I think that SE as a whole is not nice enough. But I also think that the people of SE are in general a great bunch of people. There is a difference in the way that we communicate that ...