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2 answers

Why do you think this site should, or shouldn't, have its beta label removed?

Like some other sites, CMs have told us they wanted to remove the beta label from this site on December 16th. According to them, that's because our site meets the following criteria: have at least 1K ...
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22 votes
1 answer

What happened in October 2018?

I've recently come back and posted a few answers, and was surprised at the lack of interaction. In fact, this site seems quite dead. Thus I played with the Stackexchange Data Explorer a bit, it's a ...
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The progress bar on Area 51 isn't full yet

The progress bar on Area 51 isn't full yet. Is this a bug? The sidebar of its proposal says it is in public beta already: Comparing to other full sites which are still in beta phase: Take ...
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12 votes
1 answer

When are we going to public beta? — DONE!

I'm wondering when it's expected we will go into public beta. There's been a bit of chat about it and speculation. It would be good to know. We have the moderator nominations up Accepting Nominations ...
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