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Should we delete the "conversations" tag?

The conversations tag is the most broadly use on IPS and, in my opinion, this tag doesn't bring any information at all. From the tag description: Questions about having conversations with other ...
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Do we really need the "approach" tag?

I was going to the list of tags in the main site when I notice the "approach" one. Here is its description: For questions where the author is looking for a way to achieve their goal. Such as to ...
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Is [self-improvement] beyond improvement?

After looking at the re-scope request, I'm thinking that self-improvement is pretty useless... Most of our questions are asking for some sort of self-improvement advice, so a more accurate tag ...
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What to do about the speaking tag?

The speaking tag has six questions. Three of those questions only need the conversations tag: How can I get Americans to speak more slowly after I've already asked them once? How to respond to ...
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Let's remove the socializing tag

The socializing tag seems to be used for any question involving interpersonal skills, and doesn't seem to have any sort of specific meaning. Questions with the tag range from questions about the link ...
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Can we remove the communication tag?

The tag wiki for communication currently reads For questions involving interactions with other people, outside the standard conversation that you can have. This includes body movements and also ...
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