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Chat room title [closed]

Friends(?), The main chat room for this site might be more appropriately named "The Awkward Outburst." I know it won't be renamed but please consider what i'm trying to type. Signed -- tied for the ...
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If & when Interpersonal.SE rejoins HNQ, add its HNQ feed as a chat feed

Based on the discussion in Revisiting HNQ participation for IPS, it looks like IPS.SE might be rejoining HNQ. Monitoring the questions on HNQ and ensuring they are and remain in good shape is a ...
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Should comments on this site be permanent and searchable?

A quick note: I'm aware of SE's position on this, which is that this isn't an issue since "nothing can truly be erased from the Internet". I'm holding off on posting a self-answer because I want to ...
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White Bug when I want to edit in chat

Pictures speak louder than words. When it comes to editing the comment, the white font (why white?) makes it virtually impossible to see what I am doing. If I highlight the text, I can't edit because ...
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The names and avatars of the chat bots

We currently have two chat bots posting feed into the chat room, The Awkward Silence. Main There's Extroverted Main Man - all the new questions to the main site are posted with this user profile. ...
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