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Writing a featured sum-up post to help new users understand the site quickly

Well, most of you already know this, we're back on HNQ. Yay! I'm not good in writing SQL queries so I'm unfortunately not able to provide stats to support my claim but since we returned, I observed a ...
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Should we have a canonical meta post that better summarizes our "subjective" guidelines and points to alternative resources?

On this site, we get a lot of users who ask questions that are considered too subjective under our model (i.e. closed as "primarily opinion-based" or off-topic with the "what should I do" sub-reason, ...
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Should we consider reducing the speed at which we close off-topic questions for new contributors?

Sometimes an off-topic question is asked by a new contributor who doesn't understand well our site requirements yet, or simply didn't take/have the time to read our guidelines for asking a good ...
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Should we make the tour a requirement for new user activity?

Many, many new users get frustrated by their deleted comments, answers, closed questions, etc. I've heard a number of high rep users complain about HNQ voting from the 101 rep users. I don't think ...
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