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Question was protected while I was composing an answer

There's one answer that got some downvotes, but no spam or egregious answers. You may want to reconsider your policy of protecting every question that hits HNQ. It's discouraging to put effort into ...
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Automatically protect questions that hit HNQ

It seems that we have more problems with hot network questions than most sites. When a question goes hot, we tend to get a flood of votes and low quality answers from users who aren't familiar with ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Should we create a script to unprotect questions?

We protect a lot of questions. We have fewer that 1000 questions on this site right now and over 134 of them are protected. That's greater than 10%. By having so many questions protected, we are ...
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Can the threshold for protecting questions be lowered?

Can the threshold for protecting questions be lowered, while we're in beta? Just thinking that protecting questions a little earlier may help with some of the issues we're seeing when questions hit ...
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