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How has the reputation changed for top users on IPS?

There was a huge change to reputation that took place yesterday. How has this affected the top users on IPS? How has this affected the reputation league?
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Why do we lose reputation when down-voting inappropriate answers?

I'm sorry if this has already been asked but I can't find similar questions, so I'm shooting in the dark here: I recently joined The Awkward Silence and was surprised about some recommended behaviors ...
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Is average reputation score per post a good index of 'impact of contribution' on IPS.SE? What else is, apart from total score?

This is a question about site statistics. Background: I love sports and statistics and I'm well aware of the beneficial ways that 'game theory' has been used on Stack Exchange websites. To ...
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Does anything related to activity/participation earned on one SE site extend across all SE sites?

Are there any instances that if I earn a point, a badge, or a privilege on one Stack Exchange site that I'll find that I've earned it across the entire SE network? Are there any instances that if I ...
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