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5 votes
2 answers

Celebrating the answers of 2020

A new year is approaching and even though 2020 wasn't the year anyone expected, we can still celebrate some part of it. That's why, under this question, I am inviting all of you to post about one IPS ...
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21 votes
1 answer

Moratorium on Hot Network Questions until we have greater control over content

I'm going to ask for a moratorium on questions from Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange from appearing on the sidebar in the Hot Network Questions list, until a later date. We've had a number of ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Let's design a community promotion ad!

Community promotion ads are small images shown in a site's sidebar to promote various related things - site blogs, events, and other Stack Exchange sites, to name a few. Only graduated sites (and a ...
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3 answers

Unofficial social media accounts to promote this site

Since we are going to public beta, I just created unofficial twitter account at the handle @StackIpS and facebook account at the handle @StackIpS to promote this community. I strongly believe that ...
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18 votes
4 answers

A private beta. What can we do to make this site a success?

Interpersonal Skills has entered into private beta. I waited many days for this entry and since today is Tuesday, I am checking from morning itself when this will be launched. There are many SE sites ...
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