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4 votes
1 answer

Why can't I add comments?

I answered this question. I also wanted to add a comment on another one, but I am unable to do so. Why? EDIT: The problem is I do not see the usual add comment link, I only see suggest improvements
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4 votes
1 answer

After making a number of wiki edits I can't propose new edits

I noticed a repeated grammar mistake in all country tags. So I went through them one by one editing them or adding a description if there is not already. After a number of edits, I found the edit ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How can someone answer a question after it is put on hold?

This question is put on-hold with me as the last voter. At that time no one posted an answer and I'm sure because I put a comment after that. However, somehow there's an answer after it was put on-...
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Review completed, but answer not deleted

I thought 6 recommend deletions removed posts. Something wrong? After the review, I went ahead and downvoted it to balance the 1 ...
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Both question go to the same link

I was searching for a question I read last week because want to share with my brother. The problem is when you search the term "chess" the question I want appear on the first position (because is the ...
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Tour page still shows generic "unicorns eating daisies" question despite supposedly being changed by a moderator

The site tour page shows an example question for the purposes of showing how the Q&A model works. On most sites that haven't configured it, it shows a generic "unicorns eating daisies" question. ...
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Option to suggest an edit instead of immediately pushing it?

Some background This is, more or less, related to this question where an accidental keypress made me push an edit that actually made the question worse. I quickly fixed it, pushed, then continued on ...
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3 answers

The progress bar on Area 51 isn't full yet

The progress bar on Area 51 isn't full yet. Is this a bug? The sidebar of its proposal says it is in public beta already: Comparing to other full sites which are still in beta phase: Take ...
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