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The objective aspect of subjective questions

I am asking about questions in the line of "would doing X be perceived as intrusive?", "would doing Y invoke the eager to continue?". In general, they ask for the possible outcomes of the target ...
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How can the question about explaining SE to a partner be narrowed?

How do you explain, to your partner, that Stack Exchange is important to you? This question, my question, was put on hold for being too-broad. How can I narrow it further? I'd prefer not to narrow ...
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Is my question still too broad?

In Room search, housemates, setting boundaries early, I asked how to set some important boundaries early on during a moving process. The question is when. 5 hours ago, the question was voted as too ...
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What's wrong with these "too broad" questions?

Twice recently I've answered questions that seemed clear and answerable to me, and then later the questions were put on hold as too broad. I try to be a good SE citizen; I don't knowingly answer ...
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Is "too broad" being confused with "too verbose" or "too vague"?

I would like to understand what “too broad” means on SE Interpersonal. The SE official ‘handbook’ states too broad - if your question could be answered by an entire book, or has many valid ...
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