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Should questions asking how to change the behavior of others be off topic?

This was inspired by: How do I deal with a mother who won't take "no" for an answer?

How do I convince someone else to change their behavior? This sort of question was and is a recurring problem on the Workplace. But we have defined this sort of question off topic.

People are very different from one to another, a tactic with one person or one instance may not work on another person or in another instance. The only control we have is over our own behavior. We can not control how other people act or do things. We can influence that to an extent but the dynamic is too conditional and too dynamic for us to be able to address.

I think we should declare "How do I convince someone else to change their behavior?" as specifically off topic. Please note this question is very different from "How can I communicate to someone that their behavior distresses me?" We can effectively tell them how to communicate it, but that does not guarantee getting the person to change their behavior.

Is there an alternative to declaring the question off topic that will allow us to effectively police these types of questions and allow for constructive assistance rather than a shopping list of tactics to try that may or may not be the right answer with no objective way to tell if the problem was the implementation of the answer or the answer was just ineffective overall?