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No apologies and parting notes

I just received a message from Tinkeringbell that my answer, which received 112 up-votes and 11 down-votes was deleted. That was my personal straw which broke the camel's neck.

How to establish boundaries with a roommate without confrontation?

I was here only for a few months and I received lots of up-votes for some answers and down-votes for other answers. I understand the up and down voting and this is what makes StackExchage interesting.

But I also had lots of comments and answers deleted. Mostly not because they were rude but because it seems I did not follow this rule or that rule or this and that guideline which was discussed somewhere on Meta.

I also wrote answers which were well received and then the question was changed considerably and then I was asked to change my answer to match the changing question. No, I won’t do that.

And then there is “be nice”. Yes, I agree we should be nice to each other. But it seems for some people stating clear facts is already not nice and can’t be allowed. What is wrong with telling the truth without putting a nice warm fluffy cover around it?

Personally I find all this annoying. This could be a wonderful site for interpersonal questions and answers but it seems some people want to make it into something which has little to do with real-world behavior and experience. That is the way these very active members want it and that’s it. That’s not the way I want it and this is why I will stay away from this site for the time being.

Maybe I will look again in a few months and maybe things will change.

I hope you enjoy this forum like it is and continue to delete everything which does not fit into your world view.