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We had a lot of great answers this year and it was hard to choose. But after debating it with myself, I am choosing to highlight this answer by "IMightBeAmelia". It's an answer to the question: "How can I tell my date that one of her close friends outed her to me as trans?"


I posted a question on the behalf of a relative and was struck by the quality of AsheraH's answer to the question "How to gain group respect in a workplace setting?". The answer was quite throughout from giving new perspective to detailing strategies to answer the problem.


Well, credits to you for finding the first perfect candidate: Refusing free goods as a blind person I really, really like this one because it: Includes an example dialog that shows both what OP does and includes the reaction they get. It includes further information on things OP might try but doesn't want to. It has a clear, well-defined goal. The top ...


I've also been looking at questions about etiquette because they give another angle of asking. I think a good question would: Be about a situation where some 'formalized' rules of behaviour are expected. So, not asking how to do something appropriately, but actually showing an awareness that a certain practice or situation is surrounded by rules of ...


Since frame-challenges are somewhat hard to get right, perhaps a good example of an answer which is a good frame-challenge is useful. The answer by Tinkeringbell on this question would be a good example: How to ask cashier out for date. Other than that, there also the question How to talk to a girl who's sitting next to me but wearing headphones? from ...


How about one that includes a bit of theory? This one might work: How to use Social Penetration Theory to increase closeness with someone who doesn't normally talk about their feelings It focuses almost entirely on what OP did, and talks only about the person they were interacting with in terms of their reaction to OPs actions. It shows OPs ...

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