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When are we going to public beta? — DONE!

This site is now public. Enjoy! Original answer: Barring any technical delays, the site should go public tomorrow afternoon (Tue, 18-Jul). The nomination thread was posted last week, so the selection ...
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19 votes

What happened in October 2018?

What happened in October was the exclusion of this site from hot network questions. This was also discussed on meta.stackexchange. Since then there has been some discussion about whether IPS even ...
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7 votes

Why do you think this site should, or shouldn't, have its beta label removed?

TL;DR: At the point where the site is now, I don't think this site should have its beta label removed. The point of a beta is to achieve certain goals, like creating quality content and an active ...
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6 votes

The progress bar on Area 51 isn't full yet

It fills up based on time, not any other metric that I've seen. Betas at 90+ days have full bars. You can see that reflected in the info box text Sites remain in beta for at least 90 days to build ...
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1 vote

The progress bar on Area 51 isn't full yet

This is not a bug. This is status-bydesign. The progress bar is not full because this site has not completed 90 days in public beta yet. In case of graduated sites, the progress bar is full and ...
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