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I am not the greatest at graphic design, but here's an icon concept: I hereby release this into the public domain. If someone can improve it, please do; here's the SVG:


There is one. It's right here: That being said, calling it "meta" and then having the link say "Feedback" is... suboptimal. It is intentional, based on a few MSE questions: What do they mean by feedback Provide link to meta for new users


You have encountered the effects of interface updates without matching instruction updates. The look and feel has been very recently updated, and the text in various messages, and help pages has not been changed to match yet. To get to Meta from anywhere else on this site (Interpersonal Skills) there are two easy options. 1: In the top-left corner is the ...


If you edit the "What topics can I ask about here?" topic, it'll jump to the top. So... Edit the "What topics can I ask about here?" topic.


It shows status-completed on MSE and MSO, so hopefully, it will be reflected here soon.

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