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What's wrong with these "too broad" questions?

I don't have any strong feelings that either of these questions should absolutely be open or closed but I thought I would at least share some info that might be invisible to most users here. How to ...
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5 votes

The objective aspect of subjective questions

I don't disagree that there is an objective component to most questions. But there are a couple of issues with requests for information in which objectivity is not clear, some of which relate to the ...
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3 votes

Is my question still too broad?

I'm sorry, but I've just read your current version and it still feels like an odd fit for the site. Are you looking for feedback and validation on your chosen method of sorting roommates? Are you ...
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How can the question about explaining SE to a partner be narrowed?

My partner occasionally gets really frustrated hearing me talk about, seeing me on, or any real mention of Stack Exchange. I think you should narrow it down to a problem that you need to solve with ...
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