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CEO & Founder of @VertexInvesting

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We offer you a chance to earn an additional income for only 10-15 minutes of your time. Members tend to see returns of between 30-200 pounds return in their first week.

We do this through Forex Trading. Forex is short for Foreign exchange and this involves trading currencies, essentially buying low and selling high. What we do is send you what we call "signals" in order for you to copy our expert trades. We have complete transparency with our trades, you can see how previous losses, wins and reviews on our social media pages.

What you have to do is sign up with our broker, and you will get these signals FREE for 3 months. If you do not profit in this time we will give you an extra 3 months until you do end up seeing profit.

With this broker account you must deposit a minimum of £250. This money is YOURS, you are free to withdraw this at any time and we as a company have absolutely no access to these funds, this is for you to start trading and making money with. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the risk and the process you can withdraw and we can be done.

If this is something that interests you, making an additional income for very little time then get in touch via email -

Alternatively message us on one of our social media links and we will respond to you within the same day.

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