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Language agnostic programmer who loves problem solving. The more interesting the problem is, the better. I enjoy seeing a good algorithm and I have a profound respect for the KISS principle. As a result, my solutions tend to be rather crude quite as I don't enjoy convoluted structures that don't serve enough purpose. (an efficient data structure is a different story though)

I dabble in martial arts though I am still way off being any good. For now I learned how to move my body around in an efficient manner. There is still so much more to learn though.

Old school bookworm who overthinks things a lot. Lately I'm not reading that much mostly because I'm too lazy to filter through the published books to find the good ones. So if you want to make my day, feel free to recommend me a good book which I didn't read before. It is not that big of a challenge since there are so many. However you might be surprised.

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