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19 votes

A private beta. What can we do to make this site a success?

17 votes

Are questions about romantic relationships on topic?

9 votes

Are hypothetical questions welcome?

5 votes

Is it a good idea to have classes of relationship types for questions to create context?

5 votes

How can Interpersonal Skills stand out and make the internet a better place?

4 votes

Using American Versus British Usage in Posts

4 votes

Should we rename our country tags to be cultural tags?

3 votes

Would psychology question be on-topic here?

2 votes

Should workplace related questions involving communication be on-topic?

2 votes

Are MBTI related questions on topic?

2 votes

Deletion or incorrect close votes?

2 votes

"Just the facts, ma'am." OR Reining in answers

0 votes

Do we want references in our answers?

-1 votes

How is "How do I say..." different from "How do I phrase..."?

-3 votes

Is this question still too broad even when it's purpose is clear?