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12 votes

Where do we draw a line for 'needs professional help'?

10 votes

Is Stack Exchange a site for adults to respectfully and civilly work together as adults and peers to answer questions?

9 votes

What do we expect from an answer on Interpersonal Skills?

6 votes

Everybody understands the answer - but moderators complain - why?

4 votes

UPDATED: COMPLETED "On Topic" help page contents are live

4 votes

Could we benefit from the "Too many answers already" warning the workplace uses to prevent outright duplicate answers?

4 votes

Do we need to re-write "How can I get X to do Y" questions?

4 votes

Is this post salvageable for re-opening (the one about killing insects)?

3 votes

Tags [life-partner] and [marriage] the same thing?

2 votes

Voting on meta-questions

2 votes

Why was comment deleted?

1 vote

What to do with answers that aren't related to interpersonal skills?

1 vote

How can I clarify my question and thereby avoid accumulating close votes?

1 vote

Let's start working on our help center "what to ask" text!

0 votes

Should I wait before casting a close vote?

-1 votes

How can we encourage/enforce the backing up of answers?

-2 votes

Avoiding turning "should I" questions into XY problems