Benjamin Gruenbaum

Hi, I'm Benjamin 👋

You can find me here or if you need to reach me.

At my day job I work at Microsoft on JavaScript development infrastructure in WiCD. Before that I was in working on automating test automation and empowering QA developers Before that I worked on distributed algorithms and platforms for the based Peer5 P2P CDN, before that I wrote ran the core dev team at TipRanks writing and .

I also do a bit of open source, here are some projects I am involved with:

If you want to get involved in Node.js (at any capacity, no experience required) please do reach out. I promise you don't need perfect English, l33t coding skills or to be a "bro" to fit in (but those are welcome too). My email is written in the node home page. If you have an interesting use case for async-iterators/generators in Node.js - we're interested in talking in particular :)

I have gold tags in and a few others because I've spent a year answering as many questions as I could back then. If you're building something cool with promises please don't hesitate to reach out.

I hereby release any code, test or multimedia content written in any answer and/or question by me in StackOverflow and anywhere else in the Stack Exchange network as public domain. No acknowledgement is required (although it is appreciated).