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Stay polite folks.

If any of my answers are not relevant to your specific problem please don't be impolite and mark it down. Rather annoying trying to help people here and getting nasty comments and negative feedback as a thank you. Be reminded people get to questions via google, and many others with the same problem will find the question they want answers to.

For example, if someone asks about an issue in Win7, and I reply saying it also applies to XP, I DO NOT expect a snidey remark and a down vote, and I am not about to try and duplicate the question.

Another issue I have is people here being downright rude to others and closing questions for supercilious reasons when again ignoring the probability that (a) the best answer is wrong or can be improved and (b) people arriving from google often find the exact question they can relate to, only to find it wasn't answered and it was closed.

Ie: There is a lot of intellectual snobbery and impoliteness on here and it is very trying. I don't know why the supervisors don't clamp down on it. On the other hand, I know the site is trying hard to keep it from descending into a badly run forum where the most common annoyance is people asking more questions or jamming the forum with daft replies.

Moderation in all things and to those also trying to do others a favor, thank you!

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