Oscar Chambers

CTO at Online Blockchain PLC. I develop and deploy multiple cryptos, such as Brazio, Veggiecoin and more.

Creator of:

  • FreeFaucet.IO - the internet's most engaging cryptocurrency faucet site and educational platform

  • Veggiecoin - An altcoin based on the bitcoin source code, committed to helping animals in need.

  • Brazio - An altcoin based on the bitcoin source with an improved mining protocol, for the peoples of unbanked/underbanked nations.

  • MooningMarket.Com - A cryptocurrency marketplace like ebay, powered by bitcoin

  • BitcoinCashSurveys.Online - An easy-to-use survey platform where anyone can earn some Bitcoin Cash

  • ThirdPartyBitcoin.Com - A bitcoin payments platform, for those from countries that do not have robust credit card / banking infrastructure.

  • I am an avid open source contributor. Check out my open source projects featured in Forbes, or have a look at my 700+ open source github contributions this year.

    I do not spend a lot of time on SE, but you can sometimes find me asking legal/regulatory and medical questions that interest me, or answering programming questions.

    • Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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